Elevating fractional aircraft ownership experience

Flexjet offers fractional jet ownership and leasing, including some of the youngest aircraft in the jet industry. Flexjet is one of the largest private jet companies in the world.

The problem

Historically, booking a private jet was a cumbersome process, often involving phone calls and paperwork.

Flexjet provided an excellent service for its customers, but a lack of digital strategy and an app that didn’t offer a unique experience.

Role and responsibilities

I worked as a product designer with an end-to-end process from problem framing thought final visual design, collaborating with cross-functional teams in an agile and lean environment.

1 Art Director
1 Product Designer
3 IOS Developers
1 Product Manager
2 QA


We revamped the app’s entire experience, improving the journey of booking a jet from planning a trip, getting more detail about the pilots, previewing the catering menu, and real-time updates for pre-flight information.