Uplifting mobile revenue from a lifestyle brand

GUESS is a truly global lifestyle brand with a full range of denim, apparel, and accessories offered in over 80 countries worldwide.

It quickly became a symbol of a young, sexy, and adventurous lifestyle.

The problem

The company’s existing GUESS Jeans iOS app had a one-star rating and plenty of negative customer feedback. 

When I joined the project, Black Friday and Cyber Monday were looming, and the brand was suffering from the app’s poor performance.

Investigating more about the problem using data and generative research, we discovered some issues on the interface that were potentially impacting the conversions.

Role and responsibilities

I worked as a product designer with an end-to-end process from problem framing thought final visual design, collaborating with cross-functional teams in an agile and lean environment.


1 Product Designer
2 Developers
1 Product Manager
1 QA


We decided to simplify the app’s primary product categories, allowing the user to browse products quickly. We were focusing on the discoverability of some hidden categories and engagement in the app.

We also update the app with some small improvements that the users were requesting for a long time. A quick way to change color, size, or quantity without leaving the screen is on the shopping cart.
We also launch a customer stylist page allowing the user to get personalized recommendations in the chat.


The GUESS Jeans app drove a 3x increase in mobile sales during the holiday season compared with the previous year. Including the daily active users than doubled compared to the prior version of the app.

Also, ratings on Apple store surged 3-star average, with the newer versions achieving a rating close to 5.