Capturing hands-free photo and video content

Muzik is a disruptive innovation lab and technology company specializing in wearable devices.

Muzik works with icons across the worlds of sports, music, fashion, and technology to create products that empower listening, creating, and sharing in exciting new ways.

The problem

This project started as an experiment back in 2016 to validate the first headphone with a camera called Muzik Vision. The primary user of Muzik headphones are celebrities and influencers, so using video was a way for them to connect more with their audience. 

Different than recording with a smartphone, the headphone provides a unique POV for videos.


2 Product Designers
2 IOS Developers
1 Product Manager
2 QA


We experimented with many different ideas for the headphone’s primary focus: broadcasting live and interacting with the audience.

The headphone’s main companion was an app where it could interact with its main features—capturing hands-free photo and video content.